• How much money can I make as a webcam model?

    We pay models up to 70% of total earnings for both live broadcasts and recorded videos, plus a weekly bonus of up to 30% on earnings from our high traffic network, and a double bonus for your first two weeks. Our highest paying webcam models make $2,000 or more per week. Click here to see a list of our highest paid cam models for this week.

  • How do I become a webcam model?

    We have high paying webcam jobs for female and male models in every category. If you are 18 or older, please complete our webcam model application to get started.

  • When can I start working as a webcam model, and do I need prior experience?

    Soon as your application is submitted and you get a email, No prior experience in webcam modeling is necessary. Please note, you can not get paid until your application is approved. Most common reason to not be approved is non valid ID or ID has not been scanned, you holding your ID is not clear enough. As long as you meet the requirements there should be no issues!

  • Will my application be rejected?

    As long as you submitted clear non expired ID (scan them at 300dpi keeps this from happening) both front side and back. Clear picture with head and ID is legible and you are 18 and fill out tax forms for US citizens. You will not be rejected. Get 100 tokens while the hiring process takes place and as soon as your application is looked at and the above requirements you will be hired instantly so you can start getting those weekly pay checks.

  • How do I know this is not a scam?

    We are partnered with some of the largest and most reputable webcam modeling agencies that has been in business since 1996 and represents over 150,000 models worldwide. Models never have to pay us any fees because we recruit directly for our website partners and are paid by them.

  • I see you have many sites in your network, will I be on all of them at the same time?

    Yes. This is one of the reasons we have the highest paid webcam models in the industry, as the amount of exposure you will get with us cannot be matched by anyone else.

  • I have family that use Cam sites, How can I keep them from seeing me?

    We allow you to block up to 5 locations. Your family in California? block the entire state. Do you have family in the UK? block all of United Kingdom.

  • Do you accept couples, and can I do group shows with other models?

    Yes. In fact, there is a lot of demand for couple and group webcam shows, so you are likely to make more money. There is no limit to how many people can appear with you at the same time, but first each participant must apply and be hired as a solo model. Also, you must apply for a separate stage name for each group show if it does not already have one.

  • I currently work for another site, can I work with you and work there too?

    Yes. We have no problem with you doing webcam modeling on other sites, as long as you are not online on our network at the same time (simulcasting). Once you see how much more you can make with us, you will not be asking this question for too much longer :)

  • Do you hold back pay or deduct for chargebacks?

    No. Once your paid chats are over, you have done your job, and the money you earned is yours to keep. We do not hold back funds nor deduct for chargebacks.

  • How often will I get paid?

    Payments to models are made weekly for the previous week worked. Our pay period runs Saturday 8pm PST to Saturday 7:59pm PST.

  • What is the minimum I have to make before you pay me?

    1 cent. We do not have a minimum payout, so if you make at least 1 cent, we will pay you!

  • What payment methods are available?

    We can pay you via check, direct deposit (for U.S. residents only Don't have a bank account? We recommend you checking out www.bluebird.com from American Express and Wal-Mart), Payoneer or Paxum. Payoneer is a international payment service which provides a Mastercard debit card which can be used to make purchases, or to withdraw money from any ATM machine or banks that accepts Mastercard.

  • What schedule do I work?

    The best part of working with us is the flexibility, as we do not require you to work a minimum amount of hours or at any specific time. You set your own schedule, and can come and go as you please. Obviously, the more hours you work, the more you will make.

  • Where can I work from?

    You can work from any location you choose, as all you need is a high speed Internet connection, a computer, and a webcam. Coming soon, Ability to web cam through any Skype enabled devices, Such as SmartTV, xbox one or iOS/Droid devices.

  • I have never done webcam modeling before, will you help me get started?

    Absolutely. You will be assigned an agent who will guide you through the initial setup process, and be available for you every step of the way if you need help with anything. Your agent will also show you how to get the best placement on our network to increase your exposure. You do not need prior experience as a webcam model to work with us, and in many cases having no prior experience is actually a plus.

  • Will I be asked to pose nude?

    It is up to the client, but generally webcam models are asked to pose nude, and it is considered to be a part of the job. Models are encouraged to tell their clients up front what they will or won't do, so there is no misunderstanding.

  • What are the rules that I need to follow in order to work as a webcam model?

    Yes. The basic rules for webcam models working on our network are as follows:

    1. Do not be rude to clients or other models.
    2. Do not make derogatory remarks to clients about other models.
    3. Do not do anything which is illegal in your area.
    4. Do not give out your personal contact or payment information to clients.
    5. Do not allow anyone else to appear in your shows without prior approval from us.

    Breaking any of the above rules will cause a suspension or permanent termination.

  • Will you report my income to the IRS?

    Yes. For U.S. based models, we are required by law to send a 1099 annual earnings report to both you and the IRS. The company name on the 1099 form will be V Entertainment.

  • Do you accept models from outside the U.S.?

    Yes. We accept models from most countries, but you must speak English fluently and have a valid government issued photo ID proving your age.

  • Is my identity and personal information kept private?

    Yes. Your personal information will never be used for anything other than your initial approval, setup, and earnings payments, and we never release it to anyone unless absolutely required to do so by law.

  • Can I block people in certain locations from seeing my shows?

    Yes. Webcam models on our high traffic network can block visitors by Country, City and State (U.S. only), and create up to 5 blocked areas which can be edited or removed at any time. Please note that Location Blocking is not available on our amateur network.

  • Can I hide my face while on camera?

    Not really, unless you wear a mask. Customers generally do not like to pay to talk to someone who is afraid to show their face, especially when other models are not hiding. If you are too embarrassed to be recognized by someone you know, webcam modeling is probably not for you. But you can block areas from seeing you, Up to 5 locations, by country, state or city.

  • Will this show up as a webcam model job or webcam job in background checks?

    No. Any records that might come up in a background check will show that you were a contractor for Cam Media/MatureWebs, and nothing will be mentioned about webcam modeling.

  • What company name will show up on my checks or deposits?

    Your checks and deposits will be from Cam Media or MatureWebs

  • What happens if I want to quit or stop working for a while?

    You can take a leave of absence or terminate your employment permanently at any time. If you do not come online for over 8 weeks without notice, you will be terminated automatically. All money that you earned while working will be paid to you as agreed.

  • Do I have to look like a supermodel or have a certain look to do this?

    No. Although you do have to be attractive, your personality will play a bigger part in your success in the long run than your appearance, as most customers want someone who doesn't just look good, but is also entertaining and is fun to talk to.

  • What system configuration and software do I need?

    You need a PC or notebook computer with a webcam and microphone. To broadcast in HD video, we recommend a Logitech 9000 series webcam and a high speed Internet connection with upload speed over 450kbps (click here to test your connection speed).

  • Can I make money on recorded videos?

    Yes, you can record and upload videos for sale through our exclusive video network which pays out 70% lifetime earnings for all videos sold. Selling videos is a great way to keep making money from royalties even when you stop doing webcam modeling. If you are interested in making videos for sale, please be sure to indicate so on your application.

  • Do you have other positions besides webcam modeling?

    Yes, in addition to offering webcam model jobs, we also work with video production companies and photography studios. We regularly post casting calls for various projects in our model portal for all active models.

  • Will I have to pay you anything to get webcam jobs through your agency?

    Absolutely not. We never charge our models any fees, either up front or ongoing. We receive a share of the overall revenue from the websites in our network, so models are never charged directly for our services. If you ever have anyone trying to make you pay please bring this to our attention ASAP.