Your Stage Name is a brand. It's a way people will find you.  So you want a name that a million and two other people do not have. E.g. a name such as Butterfly doesnt work, or a name such as Pamela Anderson doesn't work...

You need to goto and type for example "Shana Robertson" with the quotes!!!!! Thats VERY important, as it forces google to search for that specific term, vs Giving you a Shane Anderson that got arrested with Sean Robertson. Make since?

 Now you want something that has fewer then 14K results too. This makes it easy to Market you. So when someone does google for you, you are found!

 Heres example of with quotes and without.


No Quotes


Lets another name "Stacy Renea" This is actually a name found on this site and she was in the business very short term... I picked this name and this is proof it works, because she's the FIRST result on google.


Prior to 2013, you wouldn't of seen this. Here it is without the quotes.

Now we see twitter account too! and the results are 346K vs 2,750

Need some ideas for a name read my next post. Sexual Sounding Names