We had our very own model Tahlia get bombarded with friend request on Facebook. She shut her phone off to save battery life as it was nearly unusable during the request. So we logged into her account and made some small account changes to help combate social media and help make it not  a full time job and an assistant needing to be hired. 

First Access https://www.facebook.com/settings


Then go into Privacy on the left side, under "Who can contact me?" Change Who can send you friend request? to Friends of Friends and then change Whose messages do I want filter into my inbox, change that to Strict Filtering. This will help keep your phone from blowing up as badly.

Facebook Privacy

Want to take it a step further? Bottom right corner is a gear below all your friends that are online 

Click that gear and select Turn Chat off

Chat Off

A new window should appear, You can turn it off to ALL friends or turn off chat for all friend expect... Mike Anderson ;)

No but really. List the people here that you do business with, that way the chats are seen or actually make it to your cell phone

Next, tired of being tagged in porn your not making money off of? Or Tagged in sunglass ads? 

Click on the Timeline and Tagging right under Privacy

Who can post on your timeline? Good one for this is Only me, this keeps you from having hundreds or thousands of people blowing up your timeline with flowers, make them leave comments.

But more importantly look for the 

Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline? and switch that to enabled.

This will require you to approve before it goes onto your time line. If you don't like what they are trying to do with your name, I personally write it down and after 3-4 times I re weight the value of their friendship... Unfriend is usually the outcome

Now at the 3rd part of this area, How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?

Click edit on Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook?
Changed that to enabled.


Now people cant just tag your picture with their name... or a friends name, sometimes allowing this is good, because it forces people to see your picture